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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  October 24, 2016 1:30am-2:00am EDT

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you know i really, really love the wonderful verse in the bible that says train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he'll not depart from it. listen to this one: bring up a child in the way he should go, but be sure you go that way too. [laughter] how very true that is! we need to be living for the lord. we'll look forward to being in your home again next week and until then remember god cares for you, and so do we so very much.
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>> dickerson: welcome back the "face the nation." i'm john dickerson. we continue with republican strategist and cbs kutian frank lunt frank, y mtion change, an that w the message th woul bring republicans together. donald trump has been talki about wh he d h fir 100 days he talked about derange t swamp in washingto >> i shoul ha hpened week e mons ago i don' n w h wait thi long watching the debates that' when he shou h released hi because there's going t be lo o recrimination wh th election is over i tha t focal point was not o thos forgotten americans that donal trump talked about year a a bga h cndidacy, it' that it's all focused h his battles with t wome h battles with t m h battles wit jus abo everybody. if h hstay tvoic the vision for those people w have been lef behin thi rac would be a l different than i is right now
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"recriminations." do you think it's ove do you thi he's going th lose? >> i don thi it's over if y loo polling numbe in key states, ther ar enoug peop sllundecide hillary clinton amost almost every poll belo 50 i don' think she going t g a majorit on election day but requir leve o discipline that thrum campaign h nt had this i abo t voice of th voters, not the voif donal trum >> dickerson: is i campaign or is icandidat you think where the sign i getting lost and in the testing that w d donald trump scor rally wel when he tal abo changh budget andholding peop accountabl but hescor reall ba whe he start atacking hillar clinton person term o even goes as f b as bil clinto john, i have nev see campaign that ha les discipline, leocu le a effectiision at tim when more americans ar demanding change in twa their government works this should have been a sl
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>> dickerson: all righ frank lunt thanks much fo being wi u we appreciate it >> thank you >> dickerson w n g t democratic strategist a c politica cnsultant davi axelrod who is also ichicag first, a little history for th cubs. wewi th wel nex week the world serie o 7years, joh >> dickerson: now tha we'v gotten that out of twa giv us your sense o whe thi rac stan rt now look, donknow a consulta o strategist who private believes that donald trump's going to wth eection, think that hillary clinton is in a vestng position no and you can s i wit t f that she's pessi in the normal republic bstions your own pol texas w shocking she's got ad in th aggregation of pol i arizon and she's doing we virtuall eve bei sta traditiona bttleground state
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hear i wh impact will i have down th bllot that's where i thith foc is going t b f t l coup wks >> dickerson: in those hou and senate races you've been in one o these you know aboearly votin t voting taking place right now how does t campaign, i it doing as well as t clint campai appears to doin how they know i from lookin at the ear votin a what c they d srategically in t next 16 day th we shou b looking at as watth campaign? >> well, this i one of t places where they ha a advantage because thha invested i t autemen o mode politics, i at lettic who votin early they assigne sor i the battleground states to the voters to asse thikeliho that they'll b voting democr or republican an troug tho tchniques y can get a sen o how you a doin they know who hasn' vote w should be voting f the a they'll pressing thos people there's coarable operati
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bring ou vote fthei sena candidate a congressiona cndidates notwithstanding where they think those voters a o donal trum >> dickerson: do y think t fact that hillary clinton is n talking about sh to senator pa toom, th republican i pnnsylvania, an spending, as y sa mo o her attention on trying t hel democrats get elect i congress, ith something the can dbecaus they'r seein this early vote com i jussimp they' looki thinking they have tha freed to move little bi o o their attack directly at dona trump? >> i think y assum they've got pret soisticate polling, and eac the battleground state but i thinthere isotentia trap fthdemocrats an f hillary clinto if srtisanizes h appe in the fin wee sharply because the voters who a drifting fropublicans ar republican cllege-educat republican, independent vote
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if yartisanize th rac t sharply, you may dri so o those voters bac how sh makes h appeal th final weeks, trying to g people out, trying g peopl to vote b talkimo broadly about how she's goin to bri t cotry togethe rather than turning iinto partisan fight >> dickerson: we've talk over the cours o th electi abou mssage at the cente o the clint camign, one o thoshacked e-mai th cam out this week is conversati insi th clint you kn wel write in o o those-mail "do wehaan sense fr he he meani t candidate, what she believes o wants her comessage e is that still achallenge her campaign what that co mssag wel yeah think it challenge for them, bit complete overridden by th things that frank lunju talked about donald truha becom the issue th campaig he has madehimsel tha he h made himse tent
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and th overwhelmed ever other issu so even thoug she gng int this electi wit historicall high liability iomparis donald trump, sh idoing qui well >> dickersonop winfr tried to make the cas f hillary clinto sin "y don't have to li her. that's na. what d yo mak of tha well,think th ople.. this is binary choic one of theeople igoing president of the unite states what people ha you see it i every pol i that hillary clinton ha t competence and then she has t temperament to be presiden they have questions abouona trump on both tho thing a that's what's making i impossible for him to mak progress >> dickerson davaxro fr chicago, thank y smu for being with u >> great b wit yo joh >> christa: we'll rig ba witou politic panel >> thi portiof "face t
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>> thank you f bringing u e-mail, chris ai' v clarif happ what's s of the sorr what, caro i'm sorr i thought hear m fri caro anyway, back to your questio about the wa t don treat wome and th h you pivo >> dickerson: that w k mckinnon playing hilla clinton from lasght' "saturday night live
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real-life moments in the debat an mor we' hewith "wal street journal" column fis cb new cntributo p noon melle bou here jeffrey goldberg here congratulate him on h n r at "the atlantic he was jusame editor-in-chief of the magazine and ed o'kee cove politic for the "washington post we'l k oucoersation o fra clinton answerin questnar not answering qstion from debate. >> wel everythin d a secretary of state was i furtherance of ouountry' interest and ovaes the state department has sai that. i think that's been pve but i ppy, ifact, i thrilled the talk about t clintofoundation, because is wrld-renownharit a i am so prou of wor tha it doe >> dickerson: that w question pegg abo
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through freedom informatio requests of closenes btwee the clinton foundation ath state department she was asked about tha closeness and her pledge mak sure there was naparance closeness, and she wenan j the foundation was doi aing didn answer th question al politics t say i you explaining, you're losing she decide jt no eplai at's one way to loo ait you might sath w aowin to the fact tt s h argument to ma h tha going threal ma y think and tos allegations a wron maybe gumption i t woa sa and we kno h onl done the be w fmerica after all, that i wh my st department sai th i li, yo tel y did something wrong and say oh, no, didn' an kn
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it w herstate department so what ca s bpi away from something that thi iseriouharh eve people i you focu gro we talking abou it's just out ther everybody knows what they thin >> dickerson: it's o ther jamelle, but she seem ha come through the thr debat in mucstrongposition, s maybe shsnpa.. peopl don't penalize h fo trump help h b takin d dona bait a going off adoin h own thing. ig i thin part th proble f donald trump in tryi t capitalize on alegations p for pl a real wi th scandals aroun cinton, you c fi simila probl aroun trum clinto pvoted, but s pointe out that trump also h foundation, and at lea o foundation hel people h just see t purcha portrait of himself and tha dynami
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against clinton scda againsinton th sh ca ju avoid th question turning it become trum and that giv her i thin real rhetorica advantag eve ver stil hav o questions about he hnest h trustworthiness, et cetera, et cetera >> dickerson: another ti when she pivoted from questio asked about op border sh went back an s t wikileaks e-mails are coming from t russians an t intelligence agencies hav sai th rssia a responsib an donald trump called her out fo vo russian question. what d yo mak of h h first half right but the secon half wen t era russ what do you kejeffrey, o dona trump's... t saspac creat frussia whe talks about russia an fac that t telligence communi say russia w involved in t attack but donal trum i kinder to him th others speak of sa spac nothin triggers donal t likecriticis of vladimi puti it's quiremarkab t wch
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th hstoric and represents a seismic shift i the way americapolitician talk abo russi an larg authoritaria countries in general explicable to me, bu genera the pattern in americoliti and american life is te side wit smal besieg democracies ovauthoritaria superpower dona tump' sympathies see to lie in completely differe dire sometimes th th nwell sometimes presidents ar criticized for not doi enogh ukraine a obama exampl but this i n etire explicable b it revolutionary. >> we've h thre debates after the three t what th fnal conclusio h bott fell o ye she did nothing answe tho questions abou e-mail aou the state departmen a transparency, and she sem perfectly fine with that
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they're ahead enoug comfortably tha that' something that can deal wit when she's president he' have t demonstrate through h actions that she c win ba the trust of the america people but look, ifsh h fai an if s f strong republican candidate four years from now, should sh win it going to be very ha f he because i think a lot of t other gu wh werunnin wer very well prepared t jus prosecute her day after d after da and it would have beena ver different race she got lucth tifrankl >> dickerson: let's talk abo th homestretc peggy the debates are ove the fini li withi sig votingme states a alread where do you s t rac righ no is it ove people aehaving li it over how do you fee >> feel lik th surprises ca happen but i think we a agr th the trenlinsuggest it wil not work fmr. trum yonever know and you've got to keep a ope mind, and you hav week here but i thin ilorath difficult for him and thin
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real lai o he has at t e o the da done porcampaig he h ntalk enou abo th rceive problems t problems a the perceive the by the american people hehas talkemuch moran mor impressively amongaging about his ow issue w wome with t rge media wit t rigged ris and, y knit's... i es or leavego taste it should ha b bigger tha that >> he goe t gettysburg t deliver a polic speech an t headlines that come ou a "complaining about t rgg election talking about suing wom w arsug hi falsel this i t opposite obi people are left wita tast he's not been able t ev st being donald trump in th sens that's the fat faw what strikin about thi i this is clear from t
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fr summe015 to t present, you would hav predicte thx curse b something li >> this i weird tha t exact course >> b th general facth trump has never be particularly interested i policy, never bee prticular interested in talking abo alwapremis h cndidac about the idea that he w unique force that throu himselcoul mak eveythi better, and thimits o tha are mayb mu mor apparen were bu tat's alwaybe there i the trump meth message >> b he' h mor th ye to learn how to be pssab candidate, not realgrea one wipolitica gift, b an adequat a tha hn' happened, and i wasn't sur tha would so i disagree wityou a little b that thin h ha som politica tlent, becus h isolat importan issues t th republicba th electrifie
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we'll -- they wi have to worked out by the republic party in coming years i jus sayin tha doesn't have any of th discipline y uld need t become president of the united states even you rlative inexperienced candidat l eisenhower hav 2 yea o political experience in one way shape or another trump has none the >> except f writin checks perhap >> dickerson: inour focu room, there was a lo tal during t deb when dona trump wouldn't embrace the ide of an electio outcome the people who a n necessarily trump fans this is not a bi deal t m >> pic on lot tat to i thin everyo the wh covers this saw it a gli and realstoric moment fo candidate to say tha but i mind ove d ove again in talking to tru supporters and people who don like trump tha vters acro thcountry, a lot o th don't take hi seriously they understand that a l this is thei designe
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>> dickerson: i thi w was part oyo focugrou saultimately he's going t come around an he'ju teasing ot a little bit that's what a lot of people think have thought others lik jeffr think it astounding and it's horrifying and i woul agrt unprecedented an real irresponsible probably presidential nominee to say i voteh th the jus dona i've h take iseriousl >> dickerson: one othehin trum spporters also say the want to blup t system they think the syste ha faile the niceties of this syste tha fail >> n york think th is interesting debate abou whethe 70-year-old people can chan anyway and whethe thi particular 70-year-old pers can change but i thoug one o t trues moments of th laphas the very large question abou the future of the supreme cr and donald trump could have gon anywhere with with tha question, and instead pivot to making t aertion tha ruth bad ginsburg, one o t justices was mean to him
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nothing else but him i t he relates to the supreme cou through th facthat rut bad ginsburg said something mean that was h answe and there's nothin th loo beyond his base i tha kin o answer >> dickerson pgg 70% republicans in our poll thi the only way donald tru going the lose i there vot frau >> yea >> dickerson: wh y ma of tha stistic they think the electi i bein stolen? thi mos interestingl thct because of votefrau look, the integrity t ballot and o t voting boo we us t s i extremel important if w ev realllo it acountry, we'll b los so much it will be dreadf trauma there arertaiissu worry abou hacking is one of them who migh b behind hack americ election it's actuall possible so that proble
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a verea democracy wi long history o politic mischief. you kn peop sometime things that they shouldn't doin have eletions ev be stoleen? my gosh, course but one of th thing republicans should be thinking about thachta govern it o voti reaty most obattlegroustat ar govern b rpublic governor most polling place a look over by bo republican an democratic stewards who ar making sure everything is okay tk thi rggthing mayb is large metapho i certa areas, i understand that, but you're saying thelectio i going to b sle bo y better put up the evidence a put it up now >> dickerson: and there is n evidence. there is evidence of fraud i life, but not that it' going t swing thtire election t mo comprehensive stu i-perso voteou th i
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suspecte incidents in-perso voter frau thin it' importa tse s many republica voteha bee suspecabl tbeli becausainstre republic politicians have been arguing i support vstrictiv voter laws iplac li iom and wisconsin th there i persistent voter fraud tha influences electio when you have republicaelit argue this o nev challeng it, fo shocked when t presidenti candidate sathings like th election is rigged, that peop agai the believe it >> dickersonjamelle y have the laswo there sorry, peggy ho thafor next tim thanks to all you for bein here we'l be ck imoment wit report from ira
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>> dickerson: we turn now to the iraqi effort to retake the city of most federal isi the terror group h contro of the city for t years the iraqis ar beiassist american troop there ar approximatel,000 i the region defense secretary ash carte visited the ar th weekend t
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to continue fo wee i n months and h alrea spre int neighboring cities cbs ne forei crresponden holly williams is on t fon line of the offensive a fil th reporternotebook for u >> watch out watch out >> reporter: reporting fr the "frontline" in the fig againsis i sometime chaoti caieo camra wit us on friday as w witnes gunfight in the city kirk betwee local swat tea [gunfire] you can s o cmerama producer trying aptu th reality th conflic wit getting themselves hurt the battle fomopi america and it alliagai sadistic death cul air strikes an helicopt gu ships against suici bombe
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fighters spotted sll dro overhead causing panic anddrawin hai of bullets it's n srprisi th'r nervou is dro loade wi explosives killed tw krdis soldie hi earli thi mont th u.silita insist th ito here ion ais and assiiraq bth li bet avisian com distinctio members of the u. military a operating tar althou we're not allowed to fil them we've also seen troops fro t coalition, from theurope countries, firing on isi but eve wamerica' hel this batt againarbar extremists will come down t these men fighting foth land and control thei countr >> dickerson: that was c
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